Tania Bertolone

Health & Wellness Coach

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Tania is an adolescent Montessori guide and holistic wellness coach.  She is passionate about making the world a happier more peaceful, and loving place.  She believes strongly in a whole systems approach to all things.  In education, she chooses Montessori because it takes a whole child approach to learning; considering the development of the intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth of the child.  In her coaching she takes a 360° approach to the wellness of her clients looking at all aspects of their lives; mind, body, and spirit.  Tania has a deep belief that it is the balance of the parts that will lead to balance of the whole and visa versa.  It is this belief that brings her work to HOW.  She believes that if we were all more conscious and aware of HOW we do things, we could move beyond the status quo and together make the world a better place.  She knows that there are many others in this world who feel this way too and believes that if we can find way to connect to one another we can all make a larger impact together.  Her hope is that HOW will be the place that will connect these individuals and amplify and strengthen their work so that together we can return the world to the harmonious peaceful place that it is.